The largest printing center in Southwest China is

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The largest printing center in Southwest China is about to start construction.

with the continuous promotion of the national implementation of the western development strategy, Chengdu, which is located in the three centers and two hubs in Southwest China, has always been a hot spot for foreign investors. In addition, it also has good potential in the toy field, and investment attraction has been higher and higher

2006 (2) a few days ago, Qiuyu group, a leading modern printing enterprise in Taiwan, signed a contract with Jinjiang District, Chengdu, with an investment of 2.5 billion yuan to build the largest international first-class modern printing center in Southwest China in Jinjiang Industrial Park

the presence of Qiuyu group has injected new vitality into the three "industrial flagship" of printing, tobacco and medicine proposed by Jinjiang District. In terms of force measurement, electronic universal experimental machines adopt load sensors

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