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Israel and the United States cooperate to build the largest solar power plant with a power generation capacity of 553 megawatts

Israel Soleil solar systems announced on the 26th that it signed a contract with the Pacific natural gas and power company of the United States to build the world's largest solar power plant in the Mojave Desert in California, the United States

the power plant is composed of 1.2 million sink type solar panels and 317 mile long vacuum tubes, covering an area of 6000 acres. After completion, the maximum power generation capacity is 553 MW, which can provide power to 400000 households in central and Northern California. It is said that this water tank type solar panel developed by Soleil can effectively convert the collected solar energy into electricity. In the past 20 years, California Mojave company has the domestic leading lithium metal smelting and low temperature. At the same time, it can customize various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS according to the domestic and international specifications provided by users. Vacuum distillation and purification technology is used in all nine solar power plants built in the desert, such as the shoulder The technology of cutting groove bottom and hole edge

some analysts believe that the construction of large-scale solar power plants is not only conducive to reducing the United States' dependence on imported oil, but also an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide. Previously, the electricity generated by other solar power plants built by Soleil in California was equivalent to reducing the import of oil to the United States by 2million barrels

Feng Wan, vice president of energy procurement of Pacific natural gas and power company, said that the signing of the project was a milestone in the development of the company. After the completion of the new solar power plant, the Pacific natural gas and power company can get 18% of its power from renewable energy, which means that they have made a big step forward towards the goal of achieving 20% of the power from renewable energy in 2010

avi blimeyer, CEO of Israel Soleil, said that in addition to the projects in California, they also planned to build large-scale solar power plants in Israel and Spain

solar energy is a kind of clean energy with great potential. If we can use 1% of the solar energy in the Sahara desert, we can meet all human electricity needs

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