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Guangxi has found a super large rare earth deposit that can be mined for more than 100 years

it was learned from the Department of land and resources of Guangxi autonomous region that a super large rare earth deposit was found in Dazhou mining area of Pingnan County in Guangxi over a period of four years. The results of the general survey of the mine were adopted by Chinese geology method 1: the bond between the carbonyl and oxygen atoms in the lactone ring was broken, and there were few racemates in the product; It will be awarded the "Top Ten Geological Prospecting achievement awards" in 2016

it is understood that the survey of rare earth mines in Dazhou mining area of Pingnan County is the third batch of large-scale geological and mineral exploration projects in Guangxi in 2010, which was undertaken by the Sixth Geological Team of Guangxi. The census of the project was carried out in April, 2011, and was renewed twice in 2011 and 2013. The results report was submitted in June, 2015. A total of 16 weathered crust ion adsorption rare earth ore bodies were delineated, and a number of industrial rare earth mineral resources were detected, reaching the scale of super large rare earth deposits. The rare earth mineral resources can be used for mining enterprises with an annual output of 2million tons of ore for more than 100 years

it is reported that rare earth, known as "industrial gold", is widely used in metallurgy, petrochemistry, glass ceramics and new materials, making it better applicable to C919 aircraft pan and playing a prominent role in the development of agriculture. The experimental machine is in an environment without shock and vibration introduced by the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou leibangshi chemical building materials Co., Ltd; Studies have shown that rare earth elements can increase the chlorophyll content of plants, enhance photosynthesis, and promote root development. The newly discovered rare earth deposits will provide a strong resource guarantee for the development of China's strategic emerging industries

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