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The world's largest quantum key distribution network has been built

European researchers have jointly built the world's largest quantum key distribution network through joint cooperation. With the efforts of 41 research institutes and industry institutions, they have successfully realized the transformation and upgrading of China's automotive industry with the help of secure quantum encryption. The information is in an 8-node Mesh2 The experimental results can be accessed and transmitted on the network at will

the average link length of the experiment is 20 km to 30 km, and the longest link length is 83 km because the stress rate of the data during the elastic period is in direct proportion to the strain rate. This result has completely broken all previous records, thus making another great step in the implementation of the secure quantum encryption communication system

at the end of 2008, by using the glass fiber loop inside Siemens and four auxiliary roads across Vienna, plus a repeater near St. palten, Austria, researchers successfully demonstrated quantum key distribution, including communication and video conferencing, as well as a routing experimental verification of the function of "secure communication network based on quantum encryption" (secoqc)

this research is the first practical application of the development of quantum mechanics technology, which shows that quantum encryption technology will soon become the benchmark of secure communication domain. Researchers point out that their systematic design allows quantum key distribution technology to achieve unlimited scalability and interoperability for the first time

the research results were published in the latest European Journal of new physics. The units participating in the cooperation include: Austrian Institute of technology, Swiss ID quantique company, Toshiba British research center, University of Geneva, Switzerland, University of Vienna, Austria, French national scientific research center, Thales, Germany, University of Munich, Germany, Siemens, Germany, etc

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