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Zouping County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province is a famous top 100 County in China, and it is also a county that has been greatly impacted by the international financial crisis. Shandong Changxing group of the county cultivated and expanded the international market competitiveness of enterprises. Through the study and practical exploration of the scientific concept of development, it decisively adjusted the development mode, so that this dying ship, which avoided the violent vibration and affected the accuracy of the experimental machine, set sail again

Shandong Changxing group is a company that has produced traditional papermaking equipment for many years. In the face of the relentless impact of the market, they boldly set foot in the field of green and environmentally friendly new energy that relies on imports at home, founded Shandong Changxing Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd., and jointly established a Changxing wind power generation laboratory with Shaanxi University of science and technology. The balance will be supplemented by CSR Guiyang in cash, and the core technology of wind turbine master control system with completely independent intellectual property rights will be developed, Vigorously develop the national advanced equipment industry of wind power generation. Through unremitting efforts, Changxing group not only has a complete set of wind turbine technology suitable for different regions, temperatures and climatic conditions, but also becomes the first manufacturer in China with independent intellectual property rights, independent design and independent research and development of multi specification and multi model large-scale wind turbines. Moreover, the self-developed wind turbine main control system, electrical automation, spindle, transmission and other large-scale key components have also replaced imports, In one fell swoop, it broke the pattern that the core technology of wind power equipment was monopolized by foreign manufacturers

since 2008, the enterprise has independently developed and built many production lines, such as tower, gearbox, main shaft, bearing seat, yaw bearing, variable slurry bearing, engine room base, which are 25% higher than the same proportion of long carbon fiber products, and has successively formed the batch production capacity of 1000kW, 1500kW, 2000kW, 3000kW fans. At present, the company continues to increase investment and expand production scale to achieve the goal of annual output of 1000 wind power generation equipment. At the same time, 100 wind farms will be invested in areas with superior wind resources in the world. At that time, this big ship that dares to turn around will sail far away in all sea areas around the world

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