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Shenzhen Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a domestic large-scale embedded intelligent platform (EIP) manufacturer, recently announced that it has become a member of Intel's intelcommunicationsalliance (ICA) alliance, which is the first industrial control manufacturer approved to join the ICA alliance in mainland China. After becoming a member of ICA, Evodia will receive the latest technical support from Intel in chips, operating systems, R & D tools and application solutions, so that Chinese EIP users can enjoy the latest technological research results that are in line with the world, and drive the improvement of the overall R & D level of the industry

"after the comprehensive assessment of the company's turnover, new product development, number of developers, company strength and so on, we have successfully become a member of ICA." Fan Haifang of Yanxiang company said, "joining ICA will enable Yanxiang company to get access to the latest technological achievements of Intel as quickly as other leading manufacturers in the industry, and apply them to Yanxiang EIP products. Yanxiang customers will be able to use the world-class advanced technology. This will also drive the overall improvement of the application level of domestic industrial control products."

"we are very happy that Yanxiang company can become a member of Intel's IC experimental machine manufacturer, which should be responsible for guaranteed repair, replacement and return." Intel said: "ICA alliance is an alliance established by Intel about communication and embedded developers and solution providers. The manufacturers that join the alliance are all leading manufacturers in their respective industries. As the first strategic partner of Intel in the field of EIP technology in Chinese Mainland, Yanxiang and Intel maintain a close cooperative relationship in R & D, application, technical support and other aspects. After Yanxiang becomes a member of ICA, both sides have no matter in technology Or there will be more in-depth cooperation in the market. "

in the 1990s, the industrial control computer market in mainland China has been monopolized by manufacturers in Europe, America and Taiwan Province of China. In the past decade, with the rapid rise of domestic industrial control manufacturers such as EVOC, China's industrial control industry has gradually matured. Yanxiang company also took the lead in launching the concept of embedded intelligent platform (EIP). The new national standard GB 4806.1 ⑵ 016 "general safety requirements" further clarified the main body of food contact material production enterprises, which greatly improved the application level of this kind of products and further extended the application industry. As a Chinese enterprise dedicated to providing intelligent products, Shenzhen Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is rising rapidly. In recent years, the sales performance of the company's products has increased rapidly every year

about ICA alliance

ica (intelcommunicationsalliance) is an alliance of communication and embedded technology developers and solution providers established by Intel, which aims to define, develop and provide module solutions based on Intel technology for communication and computer applications, drive industrial standards, define platform construction, and support interoperability. The members of the alliance are leading manufacturers from all fields, including original equipment manufacturers (including service and network equipment manufacturers), system integrators, software integrators, board level technology providers, software developers (protocol, middleware and application developers), operating system developers, chip manufacturers, tool developers, etc. They will share the latest research technology and achievements of Intel

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