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Yanxiang anti harsh environment computer was unveiled at the 2011 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition

from October 19 to 21, Yanxiang intelligent took part in the 2011 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition with anti harsh environment computer products and solutions. As a typical representative of the environment-friendly industry, the wind power industry event focused on the market and technical problems encountered in the large-scale development of the wind power industry, and showed the audience the current mainstream and cutting-edge wind power products and solutions

as the carrier of wind power industry, wind farms are generally built in remote areas with serious sandstorms, large temperature difference between day and night, or sea surface with large temperature difference between day and night and high humidity, and the maintenance cost is high. Therefore, the requirements for product quality are higher than those of traditional automation industry. The environmental adaptability, reliability and maintainability of products have become the key points of wind power product selection. As Li Junfeng, chairman of the China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources, said at the Forum: at present, China's wind power is in the transition period from rapid development to healthy development. The development of technology and localization of wind power equipment manufacturing will play a key role in the sustainable development of the industry. In addition to the forum of this professional event, according to the rigid requirements of wind power equipment, such as remote maintenance, intelligent control, strict wide temperature, earthquake resistance, flexible expansion, etc., Yanxiang exhibited several products such as tablet computers, complete machines, Ethernet switches, etc. 9. Column spacing: 460mm; It is mainly used in signal detection, human-computer interaction, safety, box transformer monitoring, main control, communication and other fields

recommended product 1 tablet PC pmm-1513

key words: 15 low-power land/sea dual-purpose fan local HMI data interaction terminal

Product Overview

pmm-1513 is a new automatic process monitoring machine specially launched in strict accordance with the application requirements of the harsh environment in the industrial field. The product adopts a completely closed new design concept, which has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, solid structure, rich functions, convenient installation and so on, and then the driven sprocket drives the nut to rotate. If the steel parts of the car are all replaced by carbon fiber composites, the innovative structural design allows users to freely expand i/o channels according to the requirements of their own equipment or system i/o points, truly realizing modular and free expansion. Adopt the design concept of wide temperature, silent and fully enclosed to speed up the cultivation and development of new material industry, which is suitable for industrial application requirements in harsh environments; Innovative structural design, beautiful appearance and neat internal wiring; The original modular method is used to realize the free combination of human-machine interface and external i/o interface functions; Equipped with a high brightness touchable 15 inch integrated human-computer interaction interface, with a touch pen; Rich interfaces and efficient industrial Panther configuration software can be pre installed

recommended product 2 Ethernet switch evs-0622 (b)

key words: 100M intelligent redundant tubular 8-port special industrial Ethernet switch

Product Overview

evs-0622 (b) is a fast Ethernet switch, including 8 10/100mbps Ethernet ports and 2 100m SFP ports. The whole machine adopts industrial design and conforms to industrial specifications; Simplify the deployment, management and replacement of industrial networks; It is an ideal product for deploying Ethernet Applications in harsh industrial environments

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