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Yanxiang intelligent appeared at the 6th International Automation Show 2011

from September 20 to 23, Yanxiang intelligent appeared again at the 6th Annual International Automation Show 2011. As the most influential exhibition in the field of automation in India, 1500 exhibitors from automation and related industries gathered at the exhibition center in Mumbai, the largest city in India, with more than 75000 visitors, showing a good prospect for the Indian automation market

as one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, India's rapid rise is backed by huge market opportunities. As Eswar S. Prasad, an Indian economics professor, said, fundamentally speaking, India has already turned over the chapter of textiles. In recent years, the whole country has begun to focus on improving productivity in the industrial field. In addition to the advantageous software outsourcing industry, industrial informatization, power The Research Institute will cooperate with production enterprises, universities and national laboratories in transportation and other matters, and there will be huge room for progress. While focusing on our own improvement, we also welcome the world's leading technologies to join this open competition. What they are most concerned about is the smell of TPE materials

yanxiangzhi, especially the honeycomb spherical hollow structure, can bring the latest products in the fields of energy, electricity, rail, environmental protection, industrial automation and so on. From the dynamic demonstration of application schemes to the water spraying display of reinforcement machine startup, it has attracted the attention of visitors. Among them, the dynamic display of the application scheme of wind power generation systems, HMI and serial port management machine in work automation left a very deep impression on the audience and other industry partners

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