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Yanxiang intelligence helped Chinese football win the third place in the world

ctiforum July 6 news (Ouyang): you may be excited about the recent European Cup, staying up late to watch the ball, constantly updating your observation comments through Weibo, and praising your favorite team. But if I let you talk about Chinese football at this time, especially Chinese men's football, maybe you will just shake your head and say: forget it. Looking at the Chinese domestic league Super League, I feel that it is all foreign aid competing, and it is difficult to sell out 8 yuan tickets. Besides, China's first World Cup in 2002, not surprisingly, did not score a goal, and I feel that I just went to play soy sauce

however, fortunately, the big ball can't win, the small ball is OK, and our table tennis is national football; It's OK. We can't play football, but our robots can play well and get the third place in the world

figure: the Chinese water team with technical support from Yanxiang is printed with EVOC

recently, at the Robot World Cup held in Mexico, the robots of the Chinese water team with the technical support of Yanxiang intelligence performed well, passed five passes and cut six players, and finally successfully won the third place of the robot world cup. This world cup is unprecedented. In addition to the traditional robot football projects, it also includes the robot rescue category and the family service robot category. There are several sub projects under each category. Yanxiang special computing technology provides a stable and reliable platform for the Chinese water team

robot competition relies on technology and intelligent technology

robocup open is one of the world's five major events of the international RoboCup robot world cup. RoboCup robot world cup is the world's largest, highest level and most influential robot science and technology competition and academic conference. Since 1997, RoboCup robot world cup has been held every year, so users must not think that the more you buy, the better. It has been held three times in Japan, two times in the United States, Germany, France, Sweden Australia, Italy and Portugal have held one competition respectively. The last three competitions and exhibition areas have exceeded 30000 square meters. More than 50 developed countries, more than 500 world-class universities and scientific research institutions, and more than 300 world-famous enterprises, manufacturers and service providers have participated in the exhibition

therefore, the competition of each RoboCup is becoming more and more intense. The test is the comprehensive technology and scientific research ability of the participants to the robot. From the appearance design of the robot to the intelligent control platform of its core, all links require extremely precise, anti-collision ability, agile and flexible action, fast response speed, repeatable compilation, multi task processing, and so on. It is the consideration of these many factors that the research and development personnel of Yanxiang have provided reliable technical support for the robots of the Chinese water team by using their long-term experience and research and development ability in the industrial field

finally, with the successful conclusion of the 2012 world robot competition and RoboCup open, Yanxiang intelligent also expressed its determination to continue to help the development of China's intelligent robots. It is expected that in the near future, more special application fields will favor Yanxiang, and Yanxiang will also contribute solid services to more cutting-edge technology fields

fix the sample on the front and upper surface of the slider with adhesive tape

figure: Chinese water team members, wearing uniforms with EVOC words, simple and convenient sample preparation process

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