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Yanxiang 09 regional industry promotion activities were launched, and the Xuzhou coal mine industry seminar was successfully held. At the same time, people's requirements for their own health and quality of life were also increasing.

on February 27, 2009, Yanxiang successfully held the 2009 Xuzhou coal mine industry seminar. Many people in the coal mine industry in Xuzhou, experts and scholars from the Coal Mine Research Institute of China University of mining and Technology participated in this activity

the core content of this seminar is to discuss various applications of industrial control products in the coal industry, share successful cases and the latest technological development; It aims to provide safer and more reliable intelligent products and solutions for the coal mining industry, and promote the automation optimization process of coal mining enterprises

Mr. Li Qi, the regional head of Yanxiang, addressed the conference and introduced the efforts and achievements made by Yanxiang in the coal industry over the years and the future development trend. Later, the sales and technical engineers introduced in detail the new application of Yanxiang in the coal industry. Although the time for cooling finalization will also be extended, the case and product technology development will also be extended. At the same time, they discussed the local situation of Xuzhou with the guests at the meeting, and the atmosphere was warm. The unit of impact energy in ISO is kj/m2

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