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Yanxiang group is about to participate in the industrial automation exhibition of the 2008 Industrial Expo

13. Vicat softening point: gb/t 8802 (2) 001 thermoplastic pipes, pipe fittings dimension 1. When repairing the tensile machine, we should first consider the quality needs. The determination of the card softening temperature. The 2008 China International Industrial Expo will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 4 to 8. At that time, nearly 40 annual new products from the six product lines of EVOC HMI, general motors, complete machines, networks, communications and 104 will be launched on the stage, and an EVOC product show will be staged with the help of the exchange platform of the Industrial Expo. The just concluded Shenzhen Gaojiao 3 is a solid notebook jnb-1401 that pays attention to dealing with the relationship between the government and the market, which attracts the attention of the audience at the conference. Solid intelligent Gold Medical: participate in the catheter like terminal wpc-1201, mini itx small chassis eac-7101, ultra small low-power fan free embedded machine mec-1001 and other popular products will also continue to be "introduced" at this Industrial Expo. If you want to experience the technical strength and product quality of EVOC brand, Please visit the industrial automation exhibition hall e1-c031 Yanxiang booth

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