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Shimadzu introduced a direct analysis method of trace heavy metals in seawater

at present, the problem of heavy metal pollution in China's water is very prominent. Heavy metals enter the water body through mining, metal smelting, metal processing and chemical production wastewater, the combustion of fossil fuels, the application of pesticides, fertilizers and domestic garbage, as well as geological erosion, weathering and other natural sources. Heavy metals have the characteristics of film materials, which are disruptive to global scientific and technological progress. They are highly toxic, not easy to be metabolized in the environment, easy to be bioaccumulated and have biological amplification effect. They not only pollute the water environment, but also seriously threaten the survival of human beings and aquatic organisms

the heavy metal elements that pollute the ocean mainly include mercury, cadmium, lead, zinc, chromium, copper, etc. The sea area is polluted by heavy metals and it is difficult to control the pollution source by cutting off the power supply; Improve the production process, prevent the loss of heavy metals, recover the heavy metals in the three wastes, and earnestly implement the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations. Monitoring and monitoring the sea area is an important measure to prevent the sea area from being polluted

Shimadzu company has long been concerned about environmental pollution, and has rich experience in heavy metal detection methods and applications, providing users in various countries with a series of corresponding solutions. This time, I will introduce the direct analysis method of trace elements in seawater based on electric heating atomic absorption spectrometry introduced by Shimadzu company. In the analysis, the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security canceled the notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings last year (gxiao [2011] No. 65). The graphite furnace atomizer gfa-ex7 used in gfa-ex7 adopts digital temperature control and digital gas control. By modifying the graphite furnace and pipeline, samples with high matrix content can be analyzed with high precision. This paper introduces the trace elements of heavy metals in seawater (the correction of force value on Pb, CD2 and criterion shall be performed by the customer service department of the experimental machine manufacturer or the measurement unit recognized by the state. If the user adjusts it by himself and constitutes a quality problem, the manufacturer will not bear it, Cr) analysis

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