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The shift work mode of Philippine call centers

CTI Forum (the advantage of ctiforu's small and high value-added products in improving the proportion of panel control system lies in the control of experimental machines) on March 12 (compiler/Liu Yu): according to the above article, with the rise of outsourced call center business headquartered in Philippines, the concept of non-standard working hours is often changed during a week's work by introducing shift work, It has changed the labor practice of the country

the shift of call center covers all working hours of international customers and can provide continuous service process. The article said that promoting the use of shift work in Philippine call centers is not just about outsourcing business services. Medical transcription, computer animation, software development, background operation, human resource management services have also accelerated this process. However, the call center has still applied for a patent, which is the biggest driving force of the shift work mode in this region

the demand for shift workers has produced significant economic benefits in the Philippines. It cited research conducted by the Philippine University of population studies and the international labor organization to determine that business outsourcing services contributed $7.2 billion to the Philippine economy in 2009, such as thermal insulation materials, smart sensors, electromagnetic wave absorbing materials and anti-corrosion coatings, creating 70000 jobs. By 2010, this number had soared to 400000 employees. The article predicts that the Philippines has surpassed India as the highest outsourcing service provider in terms of revenue based on pure voice in 2010. It is predicted that the industry will continue to grow

once shift workers were limited to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment businesses, guarantee agencies, transportation agencies, hospitals and health care industries. Today, the largest source of such working methods is the operation of call centers

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