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Guangzhou engineering branch of China Railway Communication and signaling group deployed the videoconference

China Railway Communication and signaling Group Guangzhou project, but this hard work still can not cover up the glory branch it brought (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou engineering branch of China Railway Communication and signaling group) is a central secondary enterprise supervised by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, and has successively undertaken the Guangzhou Shenzhen railway communication project, the Guangdong metro project of China Railway Communication and signaling group, the train security system project of Shenzhen Metro Line 1 Shenzhen Yanba Expressway Electromechanical Engineering and other large-scale projects, the project qualification rate is 100%

at present, CCSC Guangzhou engineering branch is building a number of large-scale projects, such as the communication project of Wuhan Guangzhou passenger dedicated line and the four electric system integration project of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong passenger dedicated line. It is precisely because the side wheel and side beam touch at this time of business to produce bias force, which prevents the steady growth of the rotation of the car, and the comprehensive strengthening of the business scope. The original conference, which is an equipment training mode with good stability, can no longer meet the needs of enterprises, The company calls for more efficient and convenient communication methods to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of development

recently, CSSC Guangzhou engineering branch put forward the demand for video conference, which is as follows:

(1) ensure good audio and video effects

(2) the system should be able to operate stably under low bandwidth

(3) it must be able to synchronize with the existing office platform and group management information

(4) it has powerful data collaboration function to meet the needs of data communication and remote training

in this regard, seegle, the largest video conference service operator in the Asia Pacific region, has put forward a comprehensive solution for seegle after a specific investigation of the company, combined with its network environment, software and hardware facilities

(1) the system adopts advanced audio and video coding and decoding technology, which is very excellent in audio and video performance. It can be used in conjunction with Sony D70 camera, acquisition card, power amplifier and other high-end equipment, and can support to find calls for very clear video, and the sound is the same as the original sound

(2) the system adopts internationally advanced audio and video acquisition, processing and transmission technology, which can achieve higher transmission efficiency under lower bandwidth and obtain the best effect with the least data

(3) the system provides a perfect excuse and can realize seamless integration with office platform and management network

(4) after in-depth investigation of user operation needs, the system is embedded with the most advanced data collaboration function in the industry, which can fully meet the needs of China Communications Guangzhou engineering branch in engineering meetings and training

after comparing the manufacturer's strength, comprehensive performance of products and product solutions, seegle video conference system stands out from many products. After several collective tests, seegle products have won the favor of CSSC Guangzhou engineering branch with high cost performance and good conference effect, and have been officially put into use

with the help of seegle video conference system, CSSC Guangzhou engineering branch has fully established its exclusive conference, office and training platform, cleared the communication obstacles of internal information, optimized the overall communication channels, and will promote the rapid development of enterprises into the most influential system integrator in China, and accelerate the informatization process of China's transportation industry

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