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Shimadzu launched DL amino acid commissioned analysis service on the day. Based on Shimadzu "lcms-9030" ultra high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, the detection time is less than 10 minutes

based on Shimadzu "lcms-9030" ultra high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, the detection time is less than 10 minutes

recently, Shimadzu production Institute launched DL amino acid ※ 1 commissioned analysis service - "DL amino acid screening". The service is based on the DL amino acid rapid analysis method developed by Fukuzaki Research Office, engineering research branch, Graduate School of Osaka University. The first ultra-high performance liquid chromatography quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer "lcms-9030" from Shimadzu production Institute is used as the measuring instrument, and the low price is achieved by improving the processing capacity. The force, displacement Deformation (i.e. extension of search implementation.

last December, in collaboration with the dairy and Shimadzu production Institute, Osaka University, Osaka University, Shimadzu analysis and innovation joint research lecture, the British scientific journal scientific reports reported 12 free D-amino acids ※ 2 produced by the intestinal flora. Nine of them were confirmed to exist in the intestinal cavity in a free state for the first time. Shimadzu will provide food manufacturers and research institutions with "DL amino acid screening" service

because the traditional DL amino acid analysis method needs to be derived, there are problems such as "long determination time" and "high price" when used for screening

the entrusted analysis service "DL amino acid screening" based on "lcms-9030" can simultaneously analyze 40 components of DL amino acids with the high processing capacity of 6 samples in 1 hour. D-amino acid is a physiologically active substance derived from intestinal flora ※ 3, which is highly expected. Shimadzu production Institute will make contributions to "the functional research of D-amino acids with many unclear parts" and "the development of functional foods with more added value" through this entrusted analysis service

※ 1 amino acid is a compound whose molecule contains two functional groups, amino group and carboxyl group. Except glycine, other amino acids have groups with the same structure and opposite directions as the left and right hands, which are called "L type" and "D type" respectively. Previously, it was thought that there were only L-type amino acids in organisms, but in recent years, there are very small amounts of D-type, which is more and more likely to act on the kidneys and nervous system of organisms, aging, etc

※ 2 free D-amino acids

produced by commercial bacteria in the colonial lumen scientific reports 8,

Article s0.004number: 17915 (2018)

has been highly praised by our customers

※ 3 vitamins and minerals, nucleic acids, enzymes and other substances that regulate body functions

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