Shimadzu and Edda reach an agreement

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Shimadzu and Edda reach an agreement

Shimadzu and Edda technology company have reached an agreement on forming a commercial partnership on the application of digital X-ray chest CAD (computer-aided detection/diagnosis) technology to promote the early detection of lung diseases

Kyoto, Japan and Princeton, USA, November 12, 2009/AP Asia/-- Shimadzu company (Kyoto, Japan) and Edda technology company (Princeton, New Jersey, USA) jointly announced today, Based on Shimadzu's digital X-ray imaging system using direct rotation flat panel detector (FPD) and the CAD system of Edda technology company, the two sides jointly formed a business partnership on the application of digital X-ray chest CAD technology

this business partnership includes: Edda technology company authorizes Shimadzu company to sell its "lung digital medical image aided diagnosis software - IA (R) chest film interpretation and analysis system (IQ) through Shimadzu global sales channels in combination with Shimadzu DR system (because some devices must be placed in a well ventilated place QA (R) -test)", In the field of digital chest CAD, Edda technology company has developed a new CAD application integrating Shimadzu's most advanced digital X-ray imaging technology and Edda technology company's cutting-edge innovative technology

digital chest X-ray CAD (computer-aided detection/diagnosis) is an advanced clinical application of medical image diagnostic examination. It can effectively identify suspicious lesions through computer image analysis technology, improve the accuracy of doctors' identification of pulmonary nodules, and also help to reduce the workload of doctors in the process of diagnosis. Chest X-ray examination is the most commonly used medical imaging diagnostic examination, accounting for about 50% of all imaging diagnostic examinations. It is used more than 70million times in the United States alone every year

Edda technology company is a pioneer in the field of digital chest CAD application technology. Its IA (R) -test products have passed the international certification of FDA, CE of EU and SFDA of China, and have been widely sold and used in the United States, Europe, China and other countries. 318 indoor thermal environment the world's first prospective clinical experimental study of digital chest radiography CAD published by the famous journal of academic radiology professional journal in the United States shows that the use of IA (R) -test can effectively improve the detection rate of pulmonary nodules. This digital chest X-ray CAD application will be sold in the global market by Shimadzu company in combination with its DR system (Shimadzu company's product certification related to this product in Japan and other countries is in the process of applying for the bid). At the same time, the two companies are working together to make another innovative chest CAD application technology product put into the global market in the next few years

"according to the statistics of the World Health Organization (who) and others, although the overall mortality rate of cancer in the world has a downward trend in recent years, the mortality rate of lung cancer has increased alarmingly," said Bongchang ITO, general manager of the marketing department of Shimadzu medical equipment, who has reserved corresponding personnel and technical managers for the subsequent development of the company, "Edda technology company is an expert in the field of lung CAD analysis and application. We firmly believe that the cooperation with Edda will enable us to provide our global customers with advanced computer image detection and diagnosis technology solutions, further improve the clinical application workflow of early detection of lung diseases, and thus contribute to effectively supporting doctors' efforts to reduce the mortality of lung cancer."

"our cooperation with Shimadzu reflects the combination of advanced computer-aided technology and digital radiography technology as a one-stop overall solution, which plays an increasingly important role in promoting clinical applications," said Dr. Qian Jianzhong, President and CEO of Edda technology, "We are very happy to cooperate with Shimadzu company in this regard, through the combination of IA (R) -test CAD and Shimadzu company's digital radiography system products, and then provide another new type of chest disease detection and diagnosis application technology product, so as to provide a faster, better and more cost-effective solution for the early diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases."

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