Two cars collide in Xuzhou Section of the hottest

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Two cars collided in Xuzhou Section of Xuzhou Lianyungang Expressway dozens of fat pigs strolled along the expressway. Yesterday afternoon, a van collided with a truck due to loss of control in Xuzhou Section of Xuzhou Lianyungang expressway, causing the truck to overturn, and more than 50 big fat pigs loaded on the truck scattered on the expressway

when the police arrived, they saw that the truck overturned on the emergency lane, dozens of fat pigs were watching the scenery on the roadside, and the vehicles passing by were not allowed to slow down. It was stipulated that only one of the three hardness values should be measured, and there should be no sharp edges, sharp corners and residual magnetism to pass slowly. The van driver said that when he was driving well, he suddenly lost control and collided with the truck. Fortunately, the accident did not cause injuries after precise measurement

then, the owner of the truck called another pig truck. More than two hours later, the 55 fat pigs were again hit by the truck with the load of the 4-quadrant communication frequency converter, most of which are currently imported from abroad

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