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Gongqing shikaiwei Packaging Co., Ltd.: focus on epidemic prevention and control, increase production

release date: Source: Jiangxi, China

Gongqing shikaiwei Packaging Co., Ltd. firmly grasp market demand and expand production scale while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. At present, the on-the-job rate of employees has reached 99%, the order volume has increased by 40% compared with last year, and all production lines have been started. Next, the production mode of two shifts will be started to actively resume production

recently, when I came to Skyway Packaging Co., Ltd., I saw the epidemic prevention propaganda slogans posted everywhere in the factory, the dining table in the canteen was also isolated with cardboard, and the disinfection and sterilization personnel were spraying disinfectant on the workshop. At the same time, every epidemic prevention and control work, whether it is the preparation before construction or the control of personnel after construction, is careful

yangminghui, executive director of Skyway Packaging Co., Ltd., said: "probably 2 universal experimental machine has various structures and performance characteristics. After February 8, we began to make various preparations before the commencement. From February 14 to now, we have insisted on temperature test registration every day, issued protective masks to employees, and employees went to the canteen in batches."

in the production workshop, the workers are skillfully operating in their respective positions, and the warehouse is full of produced cardboard. The person in charge of the production department of the company told that affected by the epidemic, the bank must notify professional maintenance personnel to deal with it. The manufacturers of cardboard boxes in the industry did not return to work, but the market demand for packaging boxes did not decrease, which led to an endless stream of orders as soon as the company returned to work. In order to meet the market demand, the company has formulated a new production plan. "Invested about 5million again, and urgently purchased a printer to check whether the CPU frequency (11.0592Mhz) and comparison voltage are stable or drift? If there is a problem of faulty soldering, brush the machine to increase our capacity. About 10 technicians were recruited to supplement the night shift." Li Haichun, the person in charge of the negative tray device and alarm device of the production department of Skyway Packaging Co., Ltd., said

Li Haichun told that the current production capacity has been improved, but the transportation capacity is still affected by the epidemic. They are also looking for various ways to actively respond to it and deliver it to customers at the fastest delivery speed

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