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Shi Zhengrong believes that there is no dumping problem for Chinese photovoltaic enterprises

according to Xinhua news agency, Shi Zhengrong, a leader in China's new energy industry and chairman and CEO of Wuxi Suntech Power Company, pointed out on the 26th that Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, especially those listed overseas, do not dump to the overseas market, including material manufacturers, vehicle and component manufacturers and research institutions

Shi Zhengrong brought confidence to the extruder enterprises when communicating with the academic circles in the east of the United States at Princeton University on the same day, responded to the accusations of some western developed countries against Chinese photovoltaic enterprises for dumping products, and pointed out that at present, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, especially those listed overseas, do not have the problem of dumping. He said that the profit margin of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises listed overseas is still between 20% and 30%, which does not meet the definition of dumping at all. He believes that Chinese solar energy enterprises provide a large number of prices for overseas markets. For most of the utilization of high molecular polymers, excellent green products are good for the world

with regard to the overcapacity of domestic photovoltaic enterprises, Shi Zhengrong said that the most important thing for enterprises to stand out in the case of overcapacity is brand and innovation, at least outside the United States. He believes that good products, good technologies and good brands are the key to the survival and development of enterprises. With their own core technologies and good products and services, customers will accept the corresponding prices

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