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During the epidemic prevention, Shi Xiaowei helped you keep the defense line of household electricity

an epidemic war, which made this Spring Festival holiday particularly long. In the days of staying at home, your opening method may be like this:

scenario 1: turn on the cloud office mode, and the computers of the workplace elites will keep charging all day, so as to ensure that the voice and video conferences will not be disconnected, and the extension of the resumption time will not be afraid of delaying the work progress

Scene 2: in the spirit of non-stop classes, students stay in front of computers, punch in the live classes of various disciplines, and roam in the ocean of knowledge

Scene 3: in the corner of the kitchen, from rice cookers to electric magnetic ovens to small ovens, all kinds of electrical appliances work together to carefully cook delicious food. After half a month, everyone becomes a kitchen god at home

it is not difficult to find that in this special period, household appliances have helped people overcome the inconvenience of the epidemic to work, study and life. People realize the importance of household appliances to life, but it is also easy to ignore. The other side of a comfortable life is the potential electrical safety hazards. The simultaneous operation of household appliances, especially the high-power equipment such as electric heaters, is easy to overload the lines, resulting in the heating of electrical lines and fire hazards. In case of aging lines and disorderly connection of lines, it will add fuel to the fire

as the saying goes, if you want to live a good life, electrical safety is indispensable. As a superhero known for his professional and efficient protection of the electrical industry, Shi Xiaowei is always vigilant against hidden dangers of electricity, so that people can safely enjoy the comfortable life brought by household appliances. So, what is the holiness of Shi Xiaowei, what are his housekeeping skills, and how to bring people a safe electricity environment and make people's lives carefree

Shi Xiaowei is a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation. Schneider Electric created a new safety guard in 2019 and is a superhero in the electrical industry. Shi Xiaowei has gathered many Schneider electric terminal distribution family products. He is a robot image with tall and powerful appearance and smart heart. Shi Xiaowei, as the elite force of Schneider electric terminal power distribution, is crowned with the surname Shi; Xiao symbolizes that Schneider electric terminal distribution products are well-known; Wei represents infinite power, which can easily solve all kinds of electrical problems and effectively prevent electrical fires. When the team fought side by side, it was also the moment when Shi Xiaowei was the most powerful. Members learned from each other's strengths and easily created the most reassuring invisible power safety barrier to achieve the ultimate power protection. They are respectively:

1, the nemesis of common electrical problems such as overload, leakage, undervoltage and short circuit: MCB overload and short circuit protection, RCD leakage protection device, and oupa self recovery overvoltage and undervoltage protection

2. Demining expert of lightning weather protection equipment: SPD lightning surge protection

3. Experts who can effectively prevent arc ignition caused by various reasons and thus avoid fire risk: AFDD arc fault protector

4. Intelligent brain team for accurate analysis of equipment energy consumption, load loop prediction and early warning: powertag radio energy measurement module, powertag link intelligent shutdown module b/d/hd type, PME power management system/PSO power monitoring system, EBO/BMS building management system

members of the Schneider family with unique skills

since their debut, members of the Schneider family have never stopped growing. Every step forward has made the safety gene of Schneider electric terminal distribution product family stronger, and they are well deserved leaders in the industry

1. Success in slimming down! Superslim integrated leakage protection circuit breaker

leakage protection circuit breaker is an accessory that must be installed in each circuit. In the process of installation and use, it is common to cause quality accidents such as poor wiring and equipment heating due to complex traditional wiring design and incorrect assembly method. Schneider Electric's innovative research and development has reduced the size of the leakage protector from 72mm to 36mm, halved the volume, and achieved the integration of overload, short circuit and leakage protection. In this way, it can effectively regulate the electro-hydraulic proportion control material testing machine and electronic energy digging testing machine to avoid the potential power consumption hazards caused by the wrong installation of the traditional assembled leakage protector

while improving safety and reliability, its small size has also brought more surprises to the industry. It not only realizes more convenient installation, maximizes the space utilization in the limited installation space, realizes more possibilities of circuit design and installation, but also reduces the cost, and stands out among the compact 2p leakage protection circuit breakers in the whole domestic market

superslim integrated leakage protection circuit breaker

2. Safety force Max! Schneider Electric all series A-type leakage protectors

Schneider Electric has made important expansion and upgrading of the camp of four series of miniature circuit breakers, including acti 9, multi 9, easy 9 and resi 9, with a heavy all series A-type leakage protectors. At present, AC leakage protector is widely used in China. Why use a leakage protector? It is mainly because the two have different protection ranges for current. AC leakage protector mainly protects pure AC leakage. Slater said: "What I really hope is the role of household appliances that can be guaranteed, such as ovens, electric heaters, etc. for the common electrical equipment in life that is easy to cause pulsating DC residual current components, such as laptops, tablets, microwave ovens, induction ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, charging piles, etc., the new A-type leakage protector can be more comprehensively guaranteed.

in short, the new A-type leakage protector can It can cover the protection range of AC leakage protector and realize stronger protection ability. Especially in the current increasingly complex power environment, it can obtain more reassuring and safe protection

Schneider Electric A-type leakage protection circuit breaker (from left to right: acti 9, easy 9, multi 9 and resi 9 Series)

3. Intelligent brain after learning! With the comprehensive evolution of powertag terminal distribution radio energy measurement module in the digital era, the intelligent trend of terminal distribution has emerged. Schneider Electric closely followed the pace of the times and the needs of the industry, and launched an intelligently upgraded powertag terminal distribution radio energy measurement module. It plays an important role in the family nerve center, which can monitor the safety of electricity more efficiently, and is also suitable for more use environments. Its ability is to collect various parameters of circuit operation including voltage, current, energy consumption, power, power factor, etc. in real time with the help of wireless ZigBee technology. It can also collect the status and fault information of circuit breaker through IO port hardwire, and transmit it to PME power management system, PSO power monitoring system, ebo/bms building management system, Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts and other remote platforms through Ethernet. With the help of powertag, once there is physical discomfort in the terminal circuit, Shi Xiaowei can find and inform the maintenance personnel in time to minimize the risks and hidden dangers

p only from time to time research and development to launch new products owertag terminal distribution radio energy measurement module

to show their talents, Shi Xiaowei has made great achievements

as a professional team, the Shi Xiaowei family can not only ensure the electrical safety of housing, but also be active in other fields. Like superheroes, it abides by its duties in places where there may be potential safety hazards in the city

1. Shopping malls

for store managers in the catering industry, ensuring food quality and user experience is in the first place. Powertag can monitor the load circuit and energy consumption of the equipment in each store in real time, and set overload warning and overvoltage and undervoltage alarm. The store manager can find the operating state of the equipment in the store at the first time, and no longer have to worry about the damage of the refrigerator ingredients caused by power failure

on the other hand, the mall property needs to manage the energy consumption and charges of each shop to save space. The smaller and more compact Superslim optimizes the space occupied by the equipment, reduces the cost and realizes more possibilities of decoration

2. Charging pile equipment

with the development of new energy vehicles, charging piles are more and more everywhere, and it is common for charging piles to catch fire. Powertag can help car owners monitor key processes, cut off the power supply of the charging pile during fault alarm and overload warning, so as to ensure the safe charging of the vehicle. However, charging greatly improves the safety of the charging pile. For property management, remote monitoring can achieve more efficient operation and maintenance. The property can realize remote switching on to prevent the charging pile from being embezzled and put an end to electricity theft

3. The fire-fighting equipment

is installed on the upper and lower collets of the experimental machine respectively, and the anti power equipment has high requirements for power supply. The shixiaowei family adopts a two-way power supply mode to ensure the high reliability of power supply and make the fire power system safe and reliable. Secondly, through the timely measurement and communication system, the overload and leakage alarm will not trip, so as to ensure that the equipment will not be interrupted in the working state

4. In the sample storage device of the laboratory department in the hospital, powertag is committed to its duties and gives an alarm when a fault occurs. The operation and maintenance personnel can find the problem at the first time and solve it in time. Powertag will also give early warning of the failure of the life sample storage equipment in the laboratory department to avoid unexpected failures caused by potential risks and ensure the consistency of the life sample storage environment. Similarly, in critical loads (ICU, neonatal department greenhouse, operating room), it is also necessary to realize the early warning of power failure, so as to avoid unexpected interruption of power consumption and ensure the reliable and continuous operation of life failure equipment

in short, as a powerful group in the electrical field, the Shi Xiaowei family continues to innovate, bringing intelligent and safe electricity use experience to all industries, and closely guarding electrical safety. The epidemic will eventually disperse, and spring will surely come. The Shi Xiaowei family will tide over the difficulties with everyone

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