Shi Wenbo of the hottest Hengan Group donated 30mi

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Shi Wenbo of Heng'an Group donated 30million yuan

release date: Source: Jinjiang economic news

recently, Shi Wenbo, chairman of the board of directors of Heng'an Group Co., Ltd., took advantage of his grandson Shi Hanlin 1, although the probability of electromechanical appearance is not very high, and donated 28million yuan to Jinjiang Charity Federation and 2million yuan to Fujian Provincial Public Security Police heroic fund

Jinjiang City leaders Chen Jinyong, Xu Yangdong and Wang Wenhui attended the donation ceremony. At the ceremony, Chen Jinyong, deputy secretary of the Jinjiang Municipal Party committee, and Li Jian, chairman of the heroic foundation, accepted the donation plaque and presented a thank you plaque to Shi Wenbo. In his speech, Jinjiang City leaders said that this donation fully reflects Mr. Shi's strong sense of not forgetting to repay the society when he gets rich, and the charity feelings of Jinjiang entrepreneurs of "not forgetting the original intention, doing business in the world, and doing good in the world"

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