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"Replacing coal with electricity" faces two obstacles

at present, the proportion of electric coal and the level of electrification in China are low, and a large number of loose burning coal and fuel consumption are one of the main factors causing serious haze, while electric energy has the advantages of cleanness, safety, convenience and so on. It plays an important role in reducing air pollution by replacing loose burning coal and fuel oil with electric energy

recently, we learned from an interview in Jinan and Liaocheng, two cities of Beijing Tianjin Hebei air pollution transmission channels in Shandong Province that electric energy substitution has played a positive role in the prevention and control of air pollution, and the potential substitution space is also huge. At the same time, some enterprises reflect that the one-time investment of "coal to electricity" is large and the later operation cost is high. It is suggested to give full play to the leverage incentive effect of tax subsidy when the test piece contacts the upper platen, and introduce preferential electricity prices to reduce the burden of enterprises

there are various ways to replace electric energy, and the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is obvious.

Shandong Xinghan Materials Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 600000 tons of cold rolled and galvanized sheets, and more than 90% of its products are exported. Xing Benzhao, deputy general manager of the company, said that the company has five coal-fired boilers, with an annual consumption of 75000 tons of standard coal. After replacing coal with electricity, it can reduce 186400 tons of carbon dioxide and 5600 tons of sulfur dioxide

the elimination and transformation of coal-fired boilers in industrial enterprises is an important field of electric energy substitution. The standards formulated by the state power Liaocheng Power Supply Company are not easy. General manager Wang Su said that Liaocheng has a heavy industrial structure, a large number of chemical, steel, paper and other enterprises, a large proportion of coal, and great pressure on the prevention and control of air pollution. Since this year, Liaocheng has implemented a total of 196 electric energy substitution projects, with a substitution power of 250million kwh, which is equivalent to reducing 102000 tons of bulk coal, 254200 tons of carbon dioxide and 765 tons of sulfur dioxide

Qian Yixin, director of the pollution prevention and Control Department of Jinan Environmental Protection Bureau, said that in order to promote the elimination (transformation), Jinan has issued preferential policies to give 100000 yuan subsidy for each steam ton of replacement and transformation after the elimination (transformation) is completed according to the time limit and passes the acceptance; If the elimination (transformation) is completed in advance, 50000 yuan will be awarded for each steam ton of replacement and transformation. In 2016, Jinan completed the elimination (transformation) of 131 sets of 2012 steam ton coal-fired boilers ahead of schedule

agricultural production and clean heating have become new fields of electric energy substitution. According to the Shenzhou office in Shenxian County, Liaocheng, Shandong Xuri agricultural integration high-tech demonstration base has three winter warm greenhouses for planting high-quality cash crops, and modern electric sprinkler, electric shutter machine, electric temperature control heating and other electric alternative technologies have become standard. According to guoyanbing, the person in charge of the base, compared with coal-fired heating, the comprehensive cost of each greenhouse is saved by 32.5% after the implementation of electric energy substitution, and the annual carbon dioxide emission is reduced by 14.96 tons

for northern regions with rigid heating demand, in old urban areas, urban-rural junctions, large shopping malls and public places where gas (heat) pipes cannot reach, we should promote regenerative electric boilers, ground source heat pumps and carbon crystal electric heating, replace decentralized coal-fired boilers, eliminate backward heating methods, and use clean energy. Liaocheng Ginza mall applies the electric heat storage boiler, which uses the low peak electricity at night for 8 hours to store heat, realizing the heating of 30000 square meters, and the annual heating season operation cost is 20 yuan/square meter

huge potential replacement space and high transformation cost pressure

data from Shandong electric power company shows that in recent years, Shandong has promoted the implementation of 7969 electricity substitution projects, eliminated more than 3000 backward industrial coal-fired boilers and kilns, built 630 charging stations and 17000 charging piles, and completed 31.92 billion kwh of electricity substitution. After conversion, it can reduce 17.88 million tons of local coal consumption, reduce carbon dioxide Sulfur dioxide and other emissions are 41.95 million tons

constitutes a halogen-free carbon forming expansion type fire retardant technology line and process line

the interview found that there is a huge market space for electric energy substitution at present. As a major agricultural province, Shandong has a large number of facility agriculture. Shen county is a major vegetable County in China. There are 450000 vegetable greenhouses of all kinds, and 30000 high-standard intensive vegetable greenhouses will be built in the next two years. At present, the overall number of vegetable greenhouses that realize electric energy substitution is still relatively small

Wang Jincheng, deputy general manager of Xinxian power supply company, said that the replacement of electric energy in vegetable greenhouses will not only completely change the problems of high energy consumption, poor heating effect and high labor cost existing in the original greenhouses, but also apply high standards and large-scale greenhouse production areas of electric irrigation, electric spray, electric insulation and electric control, which will effectively promote the traditional agricultural fixture design. At the same time, the characteristics of appropriate rubber should be considered and the transformation and upgrading of sliding industry should not be allowed

Linqing power supply, environmental protection, housing construction and other departments combed the use list of coal-fired boilers and found that 43 schools in public institutions in the city were used for heating, 94 forging enterprises and 1750 vegetable greenhouses were used for ventilation. If all electricity was used, 6600 tons of coal would be reduced, more than 4500 tons of carbon dust, 16000 tons of carbon dioxide and 490 tons of sulfur dioxide would be reduced

however, some enterprises report that the implementation of "coal to electricity" requires the transformation of the original production equipment and processes, and some even need to be rebuilt. The one-time investment is large, and the financial pressure of enterprises is large

as a private enterprise with an annual production capacity of 400000 tons, Zhao Ruchang, general manager of Guanxian Changfa board Co., Ltd., both supports and hesitates to replace electric energy. Zhao Ruchang said that the profit margin of traditional manufacturing industry is low. Last year, the net profit of enterprises was 30million yuan, which is very sensitive to production costs

in 2012, when Changfa board Co., Ltd. was put into operation, it used electric boilers, with an investment of 3million yuan, and used electricity for three years. In 2014, in response to the national environmental protection policy, the enterprise invested more than 6 million yuan to replace a gas heater, with desulfurization and other environmental protection facilities, and the emission also reached the standard. However, if the electric boiler is changed again, the equipment investment of the three production lines will need tens of millions of yuan, and the capital pressure is great

Shandong Shanda Food Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise mainly engaged in chicken processing, slaughtering nearly 150000 chickens every day. Wang Qiliang, chairman of the company, said that the company had two 1.5-ton coal-fired boilers, one of which had been in use for just two years. At present, the production electricity price of enterprises is 0.71 yuan/kWh. Compared with electricity, the daily energy consumption cost of enterprises is 1200 yuan and 3380 yuan respectively. Only when the electricity price is preferential to about 0.4 yuan/kWh, can enterprises be motivated to use electricity

improve fiscal and tax incentive policies, optimize the price of electric energy substitution

give play to the leverage of financial subsidies, and leverage the development of electric energy substitution industry. Some enterprises suggest to improve the financial subsidy policy, increase the subsidy in the fields of coal-fired boiler transformation and decentralized electric heating, and provide reward and subsidy support for qualified electric energy substitution projects, such as one-time subsidy for equipment transformation, and promote the elimination and transformation of direct coal (oil) and other equipment

Xu Jikai, director of the marketing department of Liaocheng Power Supply Company, said that Liaocheng City subsidized the "coal to electricity" heating of residents in the no burning areas of the four districts of the main city, and the municipal and district finance subsidized the cost of heating equipment purchased by users of the "coal to electricity" by 50% at a time, with a maximum subsidy of 4000 yuan per household, which played a positive role. However, due to the lack of subsidies for the operation of electric heating equipment, residents have a large burden on electricity charges, and it is recommended to introduce subsidy policies at the same time

optimize the electricity substitution price mechanism and reduce the cost of electricity. Some enterprise leaders said that compared with traditional coal and gas consumption, the current power consumption cost is relatively inferior, and preferential electricity prices for power substitution should be introduced to reduce the power consumption cost of enterprises. At the same time, improve the peak valley TOU price policy, and give full play to the role of price signals in guiding power consumption and promoting peak shift and valley filling by appropriately expanding the peak valley price difference and reasonably setting the trough period

explore and build the system and mechanism of "production, learning, research and application". Recently, Shandong electric power company of State Grid and Shandong Academy of Sciences initiated the establishment of Shandong electric energy substitution Promotion Association. At present, there are 118 member units, covering energy suppliers, energy service providers, scientific research institutions and other fields. Zhou Baoguo, director of the marketing department of Linqing power supply company, believes that by playing the role of a platform link, we can share market information in a timely manner and strengthen technical cooperation, which is conducive to improving the intelligent production and application level of electric energy substitution equipment

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