Operation steps of the hottest impact tester

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Operation steps of impact testing machine

impact refers to the transient load on a structural system, which can also be regarded as a short process of energy transfer from the outside to a structural system. Impact testing machine refers to the material testing machine that applies impact test force to the sample to conduct impact test. How does the impact testing machine operate? Kunshan Haida instrument is listed in detail here

operation steps of impact testing machine:

1. Before the test, check whether the testing machine is in working state, and all operating parts and fasteners must be safe and reliable

2. Determine the appropriate pendulum according to the expected impact energy of the test piece, make the impact testing machine use within the range of 10% - 90% of the maximum energy of the pendulum, and check and adjust the corresponding position of the sample support and the impact pendulum

3. Before the experiment, set the pointer to the maximum value and hit it empty once to check whether the pointer returns to zero, otherwise it should be corrected

4. Lift the pendulum slightly, place the test piece on the support of the impact machine, place the test piece close to the support, and make the back of the notch of the test piece face the pendulum blade. The notch of the test piece shall be located at the symmetrical center of the two supports, and its deviation shall not be greater than 0.5mm

5. Press the take pendulum button, raise the pendulum, and slowly let go after hearing the locking sound. During the experiment, press the impact button, the pendulum will fall, break the test piece, and let it continue to swing forward until it reaches the highest point, and then when it swings back, brake the swinging pendulum, and read the energy lost by the casting pendulum of the gold testing machine of Jinan testing machine factory from the dial

6. Place the pendulum in the vertical position and remove the test piece

7. Pay attention to safety during the test. No one is allowed to stand before or after the pendulum

8. In the non working state, when the power factor is relatively low under the no-load or small power output state, the joystick should be placed in the preparatory state, and the sample size should be small to the diameter φ Under 0.005mm gold wire

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