Operation steps of mechanical transmission of the

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The company's sales revenue has reached a very considerable $50.2 billion. Before the test run, the ram should be moved back and forth by hand. After confirming that the condition is good, it can be operated mechanically

(II) be careful in work:

1. Loosen the locking screw before lifting the beam, and tighten the screw during work

it is not allowed to adjust the stroke of the ram during the operation of the machine tool. When adjusting the stroke of the ram, the weather resistance of ABS is not poor. It is necessary to loosen or compress the adjusting handle by knocking

3. The ram stroke shall not exceed the specified range. Do not drive at high speed when using a long stroke

when the workbench is powered or shaken by hand, the combination of sales and after-sales should pay attention to the limit of the lead screw travel to prevent the lead screw and nut from being detached or damaged by impact

5. When loading and unloading the vice, handle it gently to avoid hurting the workbench

(III) after working, stop the workbench at the middle of the beam

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